Intellectual Property Agreement
Intellectual Property Agreement. Buyer by purchasing the Equipment acknowledges and agrees that the Equipment embodies and/or utilizes Seller’s valuable intellectual property, know-how and trade secrets, including, without limitation, confidential, proprietary information associated with the design, operation and use of the interaction chamber associated with such Equipment. Buyer hereby agrees, represents and warrants that it will not, nor will it aid, assist or permit any other person to: (i) tamper with the Equipment, including specifically the interaction chamber thereof, (ii) utilize any imaging equipment or other modality to reveal the inner structures and/or designs of the Equipment, including specifically the interaction chamber, high pressure homogenizer and liposome extruder thereof, (iii) attempt to disassemble or reverse engineer the Equipment, including specifically the interaction chamber and homogenizer thereof, or any interaction chambers and homogenizer purchased, rented or used by it, or (iv) otherwise discover and/or utilize any of the Trade Secret Information. Buyer further agrees, represents and warrants that it will not disclose, nor will it aid, assist or permit any other person to disclose, any information which it may learn or discover about the materials and methods of construction, design, assembly, functioning, geometries, measurements and tolerances of the internal components of the Equipment, including specifically the interaction chamber and homogenizer. Buyer furthermore agrees that Buyer shall be liable to Seller, for any and all actual and potential, direct and indirect, incidental and consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost profits, arising from or related to any violation of these provisions, as well as any and all equitable relief as a court may impose, to remedy any such violation. The minimum penalty of violation of Intellectual Property Agreement is 200% of the unit price. The seller should not list negative information of buyer online. The minimum penalty of violation of this clause is 200% of unit price.

Disclaimer. The user should NOT point the inlet and outlet of high pressure devices and equipment supplied by the Genizer, including high pressure homogenizer, extruder, interaction chamber and valve, to any personnel and object which may induce the safety issue and property loss. The personal shield is recommended in the operation of high pressure homogenizer and extruder. Also, the high pressure homogenizer and extruder are recommended to be operated in the shielded hood or space. The user and buyer should completely responsible for the violation of the clause and recommendation besides any other unsafe practices.